Welcome to the website of BMPA (Belgian Music Publishers Association), the Belgian interest group of music publishers.

    BMPA (previously known as KVBM or Musicpublishers.be) represents the most important music publishers from Belgium. Our members are international renowned majors and many independent music publishers.

    Together they represent the international and local repertoire thus covering all musical genres without limitation (pop, jazz, classical, world, dance, library,)

    BMPA follows attentively the continuous evolving world of all music publishing rights and even more in particular the copyrights. These come to be more and more under pressure. BMPA works for the safekeeping of the copyrights, its practical implementation and defends the economic interests of her member – publishers.

    The main guideline of BMPA’s activity is the continuous emphasis on the value of music and the protection and safeguard of the rights of all her members and their authors.

    BMPA gathers and centralises all important information for her members. She is also a privileged partner of SABAM, the Belgian Society of Authors and Publishers. All BMPA members are affiliated to SABAM, directly or via reciprocal representation agreements with her sister companies or affiliates. SABAM is responsible for a big part of the collection and distribution of the authors rights in Belgium. More than 60% of the business turnover of SABAM is distributed to publishers, who also for certain territories are responsible for the collection of the rights of authors.

    BMPA is a member of ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers), the international publishers’ platform that in a more global context is responsible for the creative and economic interests of her members.